Pā’ani Music                     



These exercises are in the Taro Patch Tuning.  From low to high the strings are tuned, DGDGBD.  From the standard tuning EADGBE.  Lower the 6th string down a whole step to D.  Lower the 5th string down a whole step to G.  Lower the 1st string down a whole step to D. 

Two finger Slack Key Exercise:

This exercise is fundamental to all of slack key.  It introduces the "open and closed" positions which give slack key music that unique sound.  Also, notice the alternating bass line which is also fundamental to slack-key.  Tips: Make sure the thumb is used to play ALL the bass notes.  Keep the right hand thumb playing only on the bottom strings (6,5,&4).  The pointer and/or middle finger can play notes on strings (3,2,&1)

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